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By Deborah Wroe

In the same way that in real life you don’t choose to spend time with people that get on your nerves or have annoying habits, the same goes on Twitter. In a random, but necessary (and cathartic) exercise I have come up with my top 11 (it was going to be 10, but equally I could have done more), reasons to unfollow.

1. I posted a photo to Facebook – repeatedly
Change your settings!

2. Postings from FB so half the tweet is cut off and I have to go to FB to read it

3. Hi @whoever Yes we do stock widgets in 5.3mm.
Lose the Hi please, I don’t want to see one side of a conversation you are having with someone I don’t follow

4. Quoted tweets with Ha, yes, me too
(see above – just reply directly to them)

5. Links to Instagram pics
If I have to leave Twitter to see it you’ve lost me

6. Using line breaks
Just why?

7. Hey @ why did you unfollow me?
Really? You have to have this out in public? People follow and unfollow, get over it

8. Retweeting #FFs you are mentioned in.
Do I need to explain why this is pointless, annoying and just clogging up timelines?

9.“Can I get a RT, it’s my birthday, my dog died etc.”
Full on cringe this one, if people stop RTing them people might stop asking, and lo Twitter will be a better place.

10. Selling to me in the evenings or at weekends
Twitter ain’t for direct selling full stop, but outside of the normal work day, no siree.

11. Selfies
Unless you’re rocking Sydney Harbour or the Serengeti as a backdrop, go easy on the selfies, especially posed, fully made up, unnatural ones. I like seeing photos that capture a moment, a feeling, not body surfing attention seeking ones

That said – I LOVE Twitter – just this week I learned how to open a jar with ease, and get a splinter out, within mere minutes of tweeting a) my desire for gherkins and b) being close to tears from a teeny splinter.

This is not a do as I say, it’s a this is what annoys me and makes me unfollow. Twitter is a global playground with room for everyone. I just choose who to spend my playtime with.

Feel free to leave your pet peeves in the comments.