TLDR – when to hire a copywriter

I’ve recently moved. Have I mentioned it? It can be (and so is) all-consuming, with never-ending jobs to do, and that immutable fact that every job leads to 10 more as you open things up and discovered more stuff that doesn’t work/leaks/needs fixing/replacing. Thankfully I have amazing views and large skies to take my mind off it (a bit).

My to-do list has names attached to it. Thankfully my contacts list includes people with tradespeople surnames – or at least that’s how I have stored them. I long ago learned what I can and can’t do in terms of renovations and DIY. I’m a very fast painter. I’m alright at filling and sanding. I’m good at organising and planning. I cannot use a drill. I can’t lift heavy stuff and I have to limit activities that put a strain on my weak back. I know my limits and I know my strengths and I know when I need help.

I am a massive fan of getting the right person for the job – whatever that job might be. It is MUCH more time and cost-efficient. I once spent ages inefficiently building a very small wall. I’m glad I had a go and I’m not afraid to have a go, but I am most definitely not a bricky. I have attempted to use a drill in the past and can attest to having left ugly awkward holes behind numerous pictures.

What does all this have to do with copywriting? Knowing your limits and knowing when to call for help is what. Most people can write. It’s one of the basics taught at school. A grasp of the English language, however rudimentary is pretty vital for everyday life. Not everyone is adept at writing for work purposes though and it’s important to acknowledge that.

I sometimes see freelance copywriting gigs that include design skills. Why? They are not in any way linked and are two distinct skills – like sales and marketing, which again are oft linked yet like chalk and cheese. I am a copywriter. I have a way with words, and a paintbrush, but the two aren’t related.

Some people are fantastic at verbally communicating who they are and what they do and yet can’t write down the same. Some ponder each and every word and sentence and can take hours, or even days to craft a short piece of written content. These are the exact times when you need to get a copywriter to help.

A professional copywriter can translate bullet points, notes, scribbles or a phone chat into high quality copy that speaks to the target audience in a far more cost-efficient manner than the wrong person on the tools can.

Get in touch if you need a helping hand with your words.