I’m pretty confident that even the most word-shy man on the street knows about basic writing conventions. There are some basic rules. There are some basic formats.

You know, for example, that you wouldn’t (in UK English) send an email to Dear Wroe (ie Dear Surname/second name). Nor would you start a formal/business email with Yo yo, which I use frequently in informal emails.

You know, for example, that in a formal/business email you wouldn’t end it with ‘laters taters’, which I also use rather a lot in personal missives.

And in business letters, we all know that the date and your address go at the top yes?

They start with Dear + first name, or designation and surname/second name.

They end…
Formal sign-off – yours sincerely, faithfully, lovingly etc
Your signature
Print your name

So why oh why are letters from the current (and ex)Prime Minister instead…
Formal sign-off – yours sincerely, faithfully, lovingly etc
Your signature
Print recipients name

Recipients name? At the bottom? Why?

This came to light last week when Kwasi Kwarteng was booted out as Chancellor after a very short time in post by our relatively new (30 something? days and counting) current prime minister Liz Truss. Her response to his ‘thank you for letting me serve’ letter was posted online. Aside from the act itself, booting someone for carrying out your own policies(?) there was much chatter about the fact that the letter from Truss to Kwarteng had HIS name at the bottom not hers. A mistake surely? It was then pointed out (by many) that this is in fact convention, and that all letters from a serving PM are formatted this way. Again, I repeat, why?

I totally take on board that in the scheme of things (multiple crises and a political and economical shit show on a never before seen scale), this really does not matter. But it matters to me! And I can‘t fathom why.

Some suggestions…
It was once done as a mistake and they stuck with it.
It’s not actually true and this is a mistake and people are pretending/gaslighting me on a major scale.
I am out – no other clues.

If YOU know, please enlighten me.