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Writing for humans

I write for humans. I always say this to anyone who asks, some that don't and basically anyone who will listen. This is why I'm thrilled to hear about BERT. BERT is not my marketing persona. It's not a fictional human I write for. BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder...

What the *ux* is UX

Do you keep seeing UX everywhere and wondering what the *UX* it is? Yep me too. So I did some research. There isn’t a single recognised definition of UX but it stands for user experience and is about making things better for the user. In essence it’s putting the user...

Informed consent

Some months ago I heard about a company that places reps in maternity wards of some hospitals and said reps approach new mums offering up a bag full of freebies and a free bedside photo shoot. Say what? I was genuinely taken aback and assumed this was a new thing, but...


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