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On Sunday (8 September) tweets started to appear using #grabbag. A competition to win a giant bag of crisps? Nope.

All about tyops

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I saw an online ad today for an upcoming event. A charity do, for a worthy cause, with a celeb host. The host’s name was spelled wrong. My finger hovered over telling them and quickly hovered away. “Don’t be that person” my inner pedant voice said. Experience tells me that people don’t like their errors […]

By Deborah Wroe It was World Book Day last week. If you are a parent this event could not have passed you by. And if you are on social media – ditto. Feeds were full of cute images of children in fabulous costumes. World Book Day is a wonderful celebration of the written word and an […]

By Deborah Wroe I’ve been searching in vain for the name of a local restaurant I briefly worked in way back when. I’ve asked on Twitter and Facebook, my mum has been in the library and the local archives place, and so far nothing nada, nish, except there are now a fair few people equally […]

By Deborah Wroe Have you seen the film Happy Feet? I love it…penguins dancing and singing, what’s not to love? In this Warner Bros animation every penguin has a unique song, a heartsong which they use to attract a mate. Poor Mumble, a penguin chick from parents of fine voice, is sadly lacking in the […]

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