Dead good one-liners

A well-crafted email footer from the RSPB the other week prompted me to think about the power of microcopy. It was on the thank you email for submitting my big garden birdwatch results – something I’ve been doing for years (and something which has now seemingly become...

Spotting email scams

Is the copy full of typos and/or written in clunky English? – probably scammers (though legitimate businesses do of course make occasional mistakes!)

This one time, at band camp….

14/5/2014 By Deborah Wroe Eurovision 2014 broke Twitter records. 5,384, 678 tweets according to @TwitterUK (https://blog.twitter.com/en-gb/2014/five-million-tweets-for-eurovision-2014). That’s a lot of people watching Eurovision and chatting about it. Now doesn’t that...

Making a veggie gag #cheeseandoniongate

By Deborah Wroe Picture the scene….back to back meetings from breakfast, approaching lunch, starving, nip in Tesco Express, grab sandwich, grab drink, approach till, grab packet of Walkers cheese and onion from handy display, rush home, stuff face – arghhhhh, that...