The dog

Holly is an 8 year old Westie Cross. She’s a rescue with a troubled background. She’s very cute, quite vocal and a work in progress. Since getting Holly I’ve discovered there’s a lot of confusing and utterly useless information on the internet about dog training and dog psychology. Things I’ve found to be useful though are T Touch, the Premack principle and the Relaxation protocol. I don’t have room to list all the things that aren’t useful but “a tired dog is a happy dog” is one example of utter gumpf.

At some point during the working day I will be out for a walk with her. She may (will) interrupt work calls by singing the song of her people.

The cat

This beauty is Willow Twinkle, aged 8, a rescue from the RSPCA.

Black cats are apparently harder to rehome as they are harder to photograph…I don’t have enough exclamation marks for this?!

Willow is fiercely independent. She only wants/needs about 5 minutes of human contact in a 24 hour period.

She loves scouring the fields for presents for me. I’m not a massive fan of the gifts she brings in, dead or alive. Work calls may be interrupted by frantic games of cat and mouse.