Ghost blogging for IT sector client

by | Feb 9, 2021

Ghost blogging/content marketing for an IT services company, positioning them as the supplier of choice to SMEs needing IT support from the experts.

Copy excerpt

“Sometimes it feels like there’s an expert out there on everything, all telling you that you need their product or service, and it can be very hard to decipher fact from fluff. But key to choosing the right expert is looking at their credentials. So how long have they been in the business? Are they qualified? Do they have a track record, references, testimonials? What are they doing to prove to you they know their onions? Sometimes a cool website, slick sales patter, and a sharp suit can do the trick, but it needs to be backed up with cold, hard evidence. And are you sure they’re selling you something you can’t do yourself? Often, an offer can be packaged up nicely to look and sound like rocket science, but it might well be an easy process to do yourself. We have a combined xx years between us in the IT business so we think we know our onions inside out by now!”