Web copy for newly formed transgender support group

by | Feb 9, 2021

Drafting up copy for a newly formed transgender support group website in a supportive and welcoming tone of voice.

Copy excerpts

“Surrey Transgender Support (STS) is a brand new self-guided, inclusive self-help and support group for transgender people and their families in Surrey and the surrounding areas. We are a safe space (both emotionally and venue wise) for all individuals – young, old and everyone in between – at all stages of the transgender journey. We acknowledge that things have improved for the trans community in terms of support and acceptance however there is still more to do. Our group will be there for the current generation and future generations, as we evolve as individuals and as a group.

We are newly formed and will be self-led. It’s important to note we are not counsellors. There are no referrals needed and there will be no sign in. We aim to be as informal as possible with no peer pressure to speak, open up, or engage, though we’d hope the safe space would encourage openness and honesty in order to get the support that comes from being part of an accepting and welcoming peer-to-peer group. There will be no formal agenda or structure, to start with. We do however aim to set up a working group of volunteers to take the lead and develop the agenda, structure, purpose, and activities for the future.”